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 Fresh, local, healthy and in-season fruits and vegetables

Just Arrived

We are pleased to annouce that we will be stocking the fabulous new cookery book "The Ontario Table".  Written by award-winning author Lynn Ogryzlo and with stunning photography by her husband, this new cookery book is destined to set Ontarian's talking.

Lynn has spent the past two years travelling the length and breadth of our province and has found stories and recipes that encapsulate the diversity and richness of our farming heritage.

Available exclusively at Farmers Markets, on-farm markets and local food retailers, this book will entrance you with its snapshot tales of working farms and farmers and the wealth of recipes, using fresh, local Ontario grown products.

This book is only available here in Halton at Busy Liz's Farm Shop, Springridge Farm and Stonehaven Farm Market. 


Busy Liz's Farm Shop starts the season in mid-May, offering customers a superior range of hanging baskets, bedding plants as well as herb and vegetables plants.  Most of our stock is sourced from local growers, mainly DiGeronimo Nursery in Georgetown and Taylorbrook Nursery, Milton.

We start our fresh produce with strawberries from Stonehaven Farms (www.stonehavenfarms.com) plus asparagus and rhubarb from local suppliers.  At this time our own spring greens etc. are also ready for sale.

We continue through the summer, with all the fresh, local, healthy and in-season vegetables we grow ourselves.

We also offer a range of other products from local suppliers, including jams and salsa's from From These Roots (www.fromtheseroots.com) and Harvest Goodies (www.harvestgoodies.com).  

Later in the year - after the sweet corn and pumpkins - we move into selling Christmas trees..  Although we do not grow our own Christmas trees, we are able to source Ontario grown trees at Somerville Nurseries, (www.krisskringle.com).  New for Christmas 2012 are Queen D's Greens (queend1949@hotmail.com ).

 Please click on the link, to find out what fresh, local fruits and vegetables are now in season and available at all local farmers markets and Busy Liz's Farm Shopwww.harvestontario.com/seasonal.php


Back by popular demand

Busy Liz's Farm Shop is pleased to annouce that we have the pleasure of stocking a fantastic range of Lizzy by Design hats and bags again this year. Ideal for protecting you from the elements while gardening, shopping or lounging on the beach.  Designed locally by Liz Harbosin, these hats and visors are made from a combination of natural products and are ideally priced at just $20 per item. See more on Liz's website (www.lizzybydesign.com).



On our 1000 acre rented farms in Halton, we grow a variety of oilseed and grain products as well as vegetables including garlic, squash, sweetcorn and pumpkins etc.  Among these other crops are corn, wheat, barley, oats, soybeans and flax.

Brown flax is a very healthy additive to any diet, being rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. 

We grow, harvest, store, clean and package the flax seed on our own farm in Campbellville.  Marketed under the logo, Good-for-you-Grains, we offer both whole grain and pre-ground versions of our home-grown brown flax. 

Whole flax can be bought and stored for up to one year, with no deterioration in quality.  We sell it in 500 gram packs, although larger quantities are available on request.

Ground flax is a more accessible way for flax to be absorbed by the body.  Ideally small amounts should be ground as required.  However, we offer a 500 gram package of ground flax, which can be stored in an air-tight container in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.


Whole flax:                    $5.00 per 500g

Ground Flax:                 $7.50 per 500g  - (conveniently packaged in an airtight container)

Coffee grinder:             $14.50 - ideal for grinding small amounts of flax.              


Other Products:

At Busy Liz's Farm Shop we also offer our customers other dried products.

Rosebank Seed Farms:          White Popcorn (1kg package for $4.00)

                                                   Grown in Hibbert Township by Lorne and Roger Fell.

Terza Farms:                            Buckwheat Pancake Mix  (650gram for $6.50)

                                                   Grown in Thornloe by Carol and Matt Duke. (www.terzafarms.ca)

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