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Seasonal recipes from Busy Liz's kitchen.




The smell of fresh baked fruit pie is something that we all remember from our childhood.  In these busy days of fast-food, "home-made" can sometimes be a neglected art. 

On this page we will try to bring you favourite recipes and others less well known.  Each recipe has been tried and tested in Busy Liz's kitchen, and most of the ingredients we will be using will be fresh, local and in-season fruits and vegetables, available at Busy Liz's Farm Shop.

Recipe cards for all these recipes are available at Busy Liz's Farm Shop or you can print them off the website.

It is hoped to re-start Busy Liz's Classic Cooking Classes for 2013.

All the recipes will use fresh, local and in-season products and following the cooking class, we will enjoy the fruits of Liz's labours.

At a previous Classic Cooking Class, Busy Liz demonstrated how to make from scratch, the following recipes:

- Creamy Lettuce Soup

- Cheesey Scones

- Maple Chicken

- New Potatoes and Garden Peas with Garlic Scapes

- Busy Liz's "Better Than Tim's" Strawberry Tarts!


If you are interested in joining us at one of Busy Liz's monthly Classic Cooking Classes, please e-mail Liz at liz@busylizs.com or leave a message on the Comments Page.


Below you will find some recipes from Busy Liz's kitchen , using fresh, local ingredients.  They are sorted into different months and highlight produce,  which are available each month at Busy Liz's Farm Shop.

  September - Sweet corn etc.
  August - Summer Vegetables
  July - Strawberries
  June - Asparagus
  May - Maple Syrup


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